Housing and Relocation

There’s no doubt Superior is the place for you. We are a well-established community offering small town conveniences and values for families to live and grow. You’ll find a variety of housing opportunities in friendly neighborhoods with easy access to shopping, schools, medical assistance and year-round recreational fun. Visit the following links for further information.

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Relocation Information

The people, their hospitality, cultural attractions, community events, breathtaking scenery, delightfully different seasons, clean air, safe hometown environment and unlimited recreational opportunities – these are just some of the many reasons Superior attracts visitors from all points of the compass.

With deep roots in agriculture and livestock production, a healthy and diversified economy, affordable housing with family-friendly neighborhoods, high quality healthcare, a low crime rate, excellent educational facilities and an abundance of retail shopping along with loads of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy – there’s no better place to move your family and business than Superior.

More than anything, the people of Superior are committed to the Midwestern values of trust, honesty and helpfulness, which only make it easier to get acquainted and settle into your new home.

Superior is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages as nearby Lovewell Reservoir’s recreation area provides year-round enjoyment. Hunting, fishing, boating and camping are popular activities for any Superior local or visitor. Located along the Republican River in southern Nuckolls County, Nebraska, adjacent to the Kansas border. Ideally located on the intersection of Nebraska Highways 14 & 8.

Superior is committed to expanding its commercial business opportunities. For a number of years, Superior has focused on its 18-acre industrial site located inside the city limits on the east side of Superior.

Relocation FAQ

How do I hook up my utilities?
Please contact Superior Utilities at 1-402-879-4711 or stop by the office at 135 W 4th St for your Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer services. You may also visit our Utilities page.
What do I need to know to start a new business?
For information on available commercial properties, please visit our Chamber Directory for contact information for local Relators and the Local Newspaper.

For more information on the areas of town that are zoned for commercial and retail uses, please contact the Superior Planning and Zoning Office at 1-402-879-4713.

The Superior Development Corporation offers business incentives and other assistance for potential business setting up shop in our Community. Please contact the Chamber of Commerce Office at 1-402-879-3419.

What types of phone/internet/tv services are available?
There are a variety of communication services available in Superior. Please visit our Chamber Directory for contact information for business providing these services.
What is the education system like?
Superior Public Schools are classified as a Class III district and are accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and North Central Accreditation. The district currently covers approximately 262 square miles in Nuckolls, Webster and Thayer Counties and has a current enrollment of 424 students. For additional information please visit the Education page.
Where do I find information about a church?
Please visit our Chamber Directory for contact information for local Churches or contact the Local Newspaper for more information
What health care services are available?
Superior is extremely fortunate to be able to offer its citizens and the surrounding area with top notch health care facilities and services. For additional information, please visit the Healthcare page.
What types of businesses are located in Superior?
Please visit our Chamber Directory for information on available businesses in our Community. You can also contact the City Offices or the Superior Express for additional information.
What outdoor activities are available?
With two city parks that offer an array of playground equipment, a pool, and a Golf Course and Lake within driving distance, Superior provides outdoor activities for all ages. For additional information, please visit the Recreation page.
What is there to do in Superior?
For information about available businesses and restaurants, please visit our Chamber Directory or you can contact the City Offices or the Superior Express.

For upcoming events, please check our Events page.

For information on recreational opportunities, please visit our Recreation page.

Where is the County seat?
Superior is located in the south central portion of Nuckolls County. The Nuckolls County Court House is located in Nelson, just 12 miles north of Superior. You can visit www.nuckollscounty.ne.gov for additional information.