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History of Superior

The City of Superior has a rich history. Videos are coming soon that will cover segments of that history. 

Before Superior existed, homesteading across the United States was what drove people out west. Native Americans and colonists alike lived in the same areas and traversed the land that would become a small town in Southern Nebraska.
The early days of Superior there were very few people living in the area. It was a few years later when the railroads were brought to the town that more and more people were coming to live and work in Superior.
Due to the railroad, many businesses took up shop in Superior. Many remained even in the decline of trains, employing a couple hundred people. The Farmers Union Creamery and the Cement Plant were two main businesses located here.
Superior being where it is, there is a huge reliance on transportation. When the railroads were at their height, Superior too was at its greatest population as well as having access to many people who would travel along the rails.
One of the first buildings that was built in the city of Superior was a school house. This just proves how important education was and is to the people living here.
The aspects of life throughout the years are constantly changing. What people lived through in the past is a completely different experience than what we know in the present.