Community Profile

Who We Are

Situated in the middle of the United States, nestled in the Republican River Basin, Superior has a rich history, a unique perspective, and population dedicated to becoming the best we can be. We are designated as the Victorian Capital of Nebraska as shown by our beautiful Victorian Homes. Superior is the only place in Nebraska where a person of English nobility is buried and Lady Evelyn Brodstone Vestey (pictured left) has a story worth hearing or reading about. The population is skewed just a bit to the over 65 group, but because people have come here to retire.

Superior has a state-of-the-art clinic and hospital facility. Superior has most everything anyone needs and a whole lot of what people want and is working constantly on improving both the want’s and need’s lists.

We are walking distance to Kansas (Kansas is a couple of miles so you have to like to walk.) We have fiber optics in every home and business that wants it. We have a “Superior” school system that has award winning teams that come out of it. There is a very active Economic Development Program in the city that has helped fund over 19 new businesses or growth in a business in the past 10 years and created/sustained 60+ new jobs. They offer low interest loans to businesses as just the beginning of the service provided. 

Below is a link to Location One that outlines the community profile.  Our intentions are for steady sustainable growth that builds the community with jobs, services, and opportunities and enriches all the lives of those who live, work, play, and visit here.