Utility Deposit Guarantee

    • To qualify for the program, an individual, partnership or corporation must be establishing a new business in the Superior area, moving an existing business into the area or purchasing what is considered to be a critical business. The Superior Development Corporation will determine whether or not to consider an existing business as “critical”.
    • The business owner must request the Utility Deposit Guarantee Program assistance in writing by filling out the Utility Deposit Guarantee Program Application. The Utility Deposit Guarantee Program Application may be obtained at the Superior Utilities Business Office located at 135 W. 4th or download below and return to the Superior Development Corporation office at 354 N. Commercial.
    • Acceptance into the Program is not guaranteed. The Superior Development Corporation budget for this program will be one factor in determining whether or not funding is made available to an applicant for this assistance.
    • The length of the Utility Deposit Guarantee will be for two years as stated per Ordinance No. 994 or until the Superior Utility Department determines that a deposit is no longer needed; whichever happens first, as long as the customer is in good standing with their utility payment.
    • If the business owner is turned down for the Utility Deposit Guarantee Program, a request of review with the Superior Development Corporation must be presented to the group in person within 60 days of rejection. To schedule a meeting with the Superior Development Corporation, the business owner shall contact the Program Administrator at 402 879-3419. The Program Administrator will advise the business owner of the Corporation’s meeting schedule at which time the business owner will schedule the review and be placed on the agenda. Once the review has been made, The Superior Development Corporation will make the final determination and the business owner will be notified.
    • A copy of the Utility Deposit Guarantee Program Policies and Procedures will be provided to all applicants requesting assistance. These Policies and Procedures replace and supersede all previous Utility Deposit Guarantee Program pronouncements.