Board Members

Superior's economic development plan, formulated by the City, was approved by a vote of the people of Superior; not once but twice. The latest plan was approved for 15 years (January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2020) funded by a portion of a 1-cent city sales tax for Superior with the City of Superior appropriating $75,000 annually to an economic development program.

Goals are to create jobs through new business development, assist existing businesses and promote tourism activities with the focus toward to main objectives: the development of new business to fulfill new needs occurring in our society and the provision of resources to help our existing businesses to adapt and grow as the enviornment changes.

The plan allows contracting with an outside entity to implement and/or administer the economic development plan. The Superior Development Corporation (SDC) serves in this capacity. The Superior Development Corporation Board Members meet twice a month with an Economic Development Administrator hired to run the program. The Citizen's Advisory Review Committee, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, reviews the progress of the Superior Development Corporation with a public hearing scheduled semi-annually.