Sponsored Events

The Superior Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in many activities, projects and events for the Superior area businesses and residents// We are the driving force for building a strong economy and vibrant business community representing our Chamber membership which provides a significant return on your investment.

Listed below are major events sponsored by the Superior Chamber of Commerce - making it easier for Chamber members to increase their exposure, take advantage of networking opportunities and become more involved in our community's overall success.


The Superior Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Banquet allows our membersship to gather for an evening of reflection. We honor people and businesses who have made major contributions throughtout the past year and it gives the Chamber opportunity to inform their members what the Superior Chamber of COmmerce and the Superior Development Corporation is doing, has done and planning for the next year.

Victorian Festival

A look back into Superior's past reveals an abundance of history and Victorian heritage. Known and the Victorian Capital of Nebraska, Superior is proud to host their Victorian Festival every Memorial Weekend Honoring Lady Evelene Brodstone Vestey.

Lady Vestey has become one of the most admired and respected woman of her time Born in 1875, she graduated from high school at the age of 14 and lect Superior to study stenographer in Chicago with the Vestey Cold Storage Company. From there she rose through the ranks to become chief auditor and troubleshooter for the Vestey Cold Storage Company, one of the biggest conglomerates of England. At the peak of her career, Evelene found herself earning $250,000 a year (comparable to $5 million a year today) making her the highest paid executive of her time.

Evelene traveled the world for the Vestey brothers during WWI. Evelene married the man who built an empire shipping refrigerated meat to the allies during the war, William asked her to adopt the British spelling for her name: Evelyn. They made heir home at Kingswood, a historic castle in London. Lord Vestey died in December of 1940 and five months later on May 23, 1941, Evely passed away. Her ashes were sent back to Superior for interment at Evergreen Cemetery, making her the only nobility to be bkuried in the State of Nebraska.

Evelyn never lost interest for Superior. Among her many gifts to the community were a building site and funds to erect a hospital, she established a scholarship fund for Superior Hight School grasduates, deeded land for the bird sanctuary and financially contributed to improvements to Superior's parks.

We highly recommend a visit to the Nuckolls County Museum, 612 E. 6th in Superior, not only will you view The Lady Vestey Exhibit, but you will take a step back in time and have the pleasure of visiting the focal point of early history for Nuckolls COunty. For more information on the Nuckolls County Museum visit their website.
Superior is committed to honoring its past every Memorial Weekend. Victorian Festival activities throughout the weekend emphasize the community's Victorian heritage. For more details and/or a brochure highlighting the Victorian Festival events contact the Superior Chamber of Commerce at 1-402-879-3419 or visit the Festival's website


A Customer Appreciation Barbecue is held in the fall and planned in conjunction with Superior High School Homecoming activities. This gathering of all ages not only promotes community pride and spirit but allows the Superior Chamber of Commerce membership to interact with the public and the thank them in person forr being a loyal customer.


During the holiday season, the Superior Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Christmas Bucks Drawing. Funding is provided by area businesses who are interested in the continued economic growth of our community. Beginning in Nevember, businesses who choose to participate will begin offering registraion slips to customers who shop Superior. The registration slips will be entered into the Superior Chamber of Commerce Christmas Buck Drawing. Over a 4 week time span a total of $1,000.00 will be given away confirming the fact "it pays to shop local".


Even though, we choose to provide detailed information in regards to the above Superior Chamber of Commerce sponsored events, there are other events the Chamber sponsors that are just as important:

There are several ways to obtain information in regards to the above events. Advertising is done throught our local newspaper The Superior Express, our local radio station KRFS and of course, the staff at the Superior Chamber of Commerce Office is an excellent source for information - Phone: 1-402-879-3419 or Email: superiorcc@windstream.net